PQ By Ron Arad Worn By Misha Janette

Japanese fashion critic, Misha Janette looked stunning in the innovative sunglasses

Misha Janette wore pq by Ron Arad

Japanese influencer and fashion critic who is among the most followed and famous in the world wore the innovative eyewear by pq that is designed by Ron Arad.  Misha’a name was inserted by BOF (Business of Fashion) in the list of the ‘500 people shaping the global industry’. She has collaborated with Donatella Versace, Raf Simmons and Franca Sozzani to style Nicki Minaj and Rinko Kikuchi.

Misha also writes for magazines like The Guardian UK, CNN, Wallpaper, Style.com and Sydney Morning Herald. This beauty with brains has chosen one of the icon of the pq collection, the D906 One Liner, with an unique frame and perimeter.
D906_G26The D906 is made with a 3D printer based on a design of Ron Arad, a creative genius. The eyewear model is made in a single tech-savvy material, ‘duraform pa’ providing temples with the flexibility of the spinal column and allowing a natural joint-like movement. This model is a lightweight sunglass without hinges or pins, thus providing total flexibility and complete mobility of the almost jointed temples.

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