Chloé's Carlina Sunglasses In An 18K Gold Limited Edition

Chloé introduces the iconic Carlina sunglasses in an 18K gold limited edition

Chloé’s Carlina Sunglasses

This August, a special limited-edition offering sees Chloé’s most popular sunglasses, the Carlina, plated in 18 karat gold.

Enhancing the Carlina’s elegant and glamorous allure, the style’s distinct and delicate silhouette – from the tips of the arms to the oversized spiral frames – has been plated entirely in gold, with lenses available in two enticing gradient hues: warm golden brown and gold with a subtle mirrored effect.

Only 600 pairs will be available worldwide, packaged in a sophisticated custom-made beige rosé box and sold with a special edition case and supple pouch included inside.

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