Prada Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Prada is synonymous with a style which has often set the beauty standards for others to follow, and not only in fashion.
An innovative spirit, curiosity and a strong craftsmanship tradition are the tangible signs of a value that permeates the entire production process, from the initial idea through to the sales point.

Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

Prada’s Spring/Summer Eyewear Collection for Women combines simplicity and class.The clear-cut lines of these glasses reflect a strong yet feminine personality. Materials and thicknesses become more noticeable, without excesses.

The zyl-metal and the acetate models add hints of retro style. There is a particularly appealing quality to these ultralight metal and acetate structures, with their rounded lenses almost imperceptibly framed in classic tortoiseshell tones.

In the season’s special models, the flower in contrasting white and black is the motif of
the new advertising campaign.

Prada’s Spring/Summer 2013 Eyewear Collection for Men also reflects an obsession with simplicity that transpires in all of the season’s looks.

Nothing decorative or unnecessary is added to the straight, classic lines, well defined by
the collection’s white, Baltic blue and amaranth colors.

Simple contemporary elegance is what characterizes the models of the new summer collection. The lines are thick and sharply defined, sometimes markedly rimmed in metal on the fronts, other times lightly emphasizing, without excesses, a strong, determined personality.

Prada For Woman

Special “Poeme Sunglasses” project

PR-25PS-7S0-0A7Model SPR 25P

Presented during the S/S 13 shows, the Poeme Deluxe model has evident thicknesses refined by flower details on the front. These distinguish a design which is at the same time decisive and feminine. Available in Black, Ivory e Medium Tortoiseshell, with hand-painted flowers in black and white combinations. Prada lettering logo.


PR-26PS-7S3-0A7Model SPR 26P

Rounded version of the Poeme model, in which the shapes become softer while maintaining the seasonal theme which contrasts evident thicknesses with flower details. Available in Black, Ivory and Medium Tortoiseshell, decorated with hand-painted flowers in black and white combinations. Prada lettering logo.

PR-28PS-7S0-0A7Model SPR 28P

Lightened by the flower decorations, this minimal version of the Poeme model is distinguished by the square shape of the acetate, highlighted by the Black and Ivory and Medium Tortoiseshell and Tortoiseshell colors with internal flower screen print, recalling the fashion show mood. Prada lettering logo.


PR-29PS-1AB-0A7Model SPR 29P

Also available in rounded, minimum Prada Poeme version, lightened by the flower decorations that further highlight the rigorous features. The acetate is available in Black, Ivory, Medium Tortoiseshell and Black and Tortoiseshell with internal flower screen print recalling the mood of fashion shows. Prada lettering logo.


PR-07QV-2AU-1O1Model VPR 07Q

The “Prada Poeme” capsule collection also comes in an Optical version. The proposal features less-accentuated strong volumes without forgetting the flower decorations on the temples. The color range includes solid Black and Ivory and the elegant Medium Tortoiseshell and Tortoiseshell with internal flower screen print. The hand-painted decorations come in black and white and in white, black and red. Prada lettering logo.


Spring/Summer 2013 collection

PR-53PS-NAG-1V1Model SPR 53P

Prada interprets classic round eyewear in a more modern guise.An acetate coating covers the metal rim, enhanced by a slim double arch bridge fastened naked on the rims. Covering in acetate – Black, Tortoiseshell, Medium Tortoiseshell, Sand Tortoiseshell-Dark Brown and Cocoa Tortoiseshell-Turquoise. Metal parts in Steel, Pale Gold and Lead. Prada lettering designer logo.

PR-27PS-MA4-1X1Model SPR 27P

A men’s eyewear classic reinterpreted in a feminine guise. Balance between the shape and thickness of the elegantly refined acetate, presented in classic colors – Black and Ivory and in the combinations of Medium Tortoiseshell-Black, Light-Dark Tortoiseshell and Sand-Dark Brown Tortoiseshell. The Prada lettering logo is highlighted by the metal detail separating the temple from the front.

PR-04QV-KAD-1O1Model VPR 04Q

Prada reinterprets a classic men’s model in optical version increasing the volume and refining the shapes. A clean look enhanced by the “Prada Borse” logo, surmounting the triangular-shaped temple. The color range includes classic Black and Ivory and the brighter Cocoa Tortoiseshell-Violet and Cocoa Tortoiseshell-Turquoise.

PR-05QV-7S3-1O1Model VPR 05Q

The irregular shape is an accent feature of these glasses inspired by the Fifties. Cat’seye zyl-metal distinguished by original lines and acetate combinations in the colors Black, Ivory, Tortoiseshell Cocoa-Violet, Sand-Dark Brown Tortoiseshell, and by steel metal in Pale Gold and Lead. Prada Borse lettering logo on triangular-shaped temples.

PR-56QV-QE4-1O1Model VPR 56Q

Prada presents an avant-garde version of the metal cat’s-eye model. A concept which starts with baroque and ends with a double free eyelash structure, like wearing the drawing of the eyewear itself. Metal presented in Brushed Pale Gold enhanced by the colors Clay, Black and Burnished or in the absolute variation of Matt Platinum. Earpieces in Sand-Dark Brown Tortoiseshell, Black, Marble Pink and Medium Tortoiseshell with Prada lettering logo.

Prada For Men

PR-21PS-1BO-3O1Model SPR 21P

The obsession of simplicity is the main theme of the Prada for Men Spring-Summer 2013 Collection. A recurring theme expressed in an oversize, irregular but geometric square model, presented in injected nylon. The intentionally clean contours of the glossy or matt Lead metal rims trace a precise line separating the lenses from the colors of the frame. The color range includes Black, Matt Black and Matt Baltic Blue. Prada Lettering Logo.


PR-23PS-MA3-1A1Model SPR 23P

Teardrop version of the Prada for Men Spring-Summer 2013 Fashion Show model.
Essential research translates into a clean and lightweight injected-nylon structure, with contrasting Lead-colored Metal rims. Available in Black, Matt Black or Matt Baltic Blue. Prada lettering logo.


Prada Journal Optical Collection

PR-02QV-QFJ-1O1Model VPR 02Q

Prada reinterprets the panto model in an alternative guise. The acetate appears sculpted, while finishes and thicknesses complete one another creating a three dimensional effect. Available in Black, Tortoiseshell, Medium Tortoiseshell, Opal Gradient Black, Opal Gradient Red and Opal Gradient Wax. Prada lettering logo.


PR-08QV-2AU-1O1Model VPR 08Q

This panto model representative of the Spring-Summer 2013 campaign features large shapes and thicknesses in line with the stylistic tradition of the brand. Available in a range of dark colors: from classic Black and Tortoiseshell to brand new Tortoiseshell Marble Gray and Marble Dark Brown-Light Tortoiseshell. A slim steel finish and the Prada logo give these glasses their unique character.

PR-01QV-PD0-1O1Model VPR 01Q

A return to the Fifties. This cat’s-eye optical model is enhanced by the particular chamfered acetate which conveys a three-dimensional effect. Available in Black and
Tortoiseshell and in the Gradient versions of Black-Opal, Red-Opal and Wax-Opal. Prada lettering logo.


PR-09QV-QE1-1O1Model VPR 09Q

A rectangular classic made distinctive by the “bold” acetate finish. The metal piece separating the front from the temple becomes an elegant metal finish which well integrates in the eyewear as a whole, enhancing the Prada lettering logo. Available in Black, Tortoiseshell, Tortoiseshell Marble Gray and, and Tortoiseshell Marble Dark Brown.


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