ZEISS Launches the Eyeshield for the cinemizer OLED

ZEISS has launched the eyeshield accessory for the cinemizer OLED head-mounted display.Cinemizer-Image-1

The eyeshield has been designed to obscure light and other distractions from the personal video screen. Using the eyeshield will mean gaming becomes more immersive, and FPV pilots can stop bright sunlight from dazzling them while flying their aircraft.

The lightweight attachment was designed because of user demand for blocking out light for certain applications. While the ability to see around the screen is a plus in many situations, if the cinemizer is used in bright sunlight, light leakage could spoil the experience. This is especially important when the cinemizer is being used to remotely fly small aircraft, or when it is used as a remote viewfinder. Gamers also showed interest in a more immersive experience, with distractions shut out for better concentration. Dentists using the cinemizer OLED for patient calming, can be sure patients are shielded from viewing drills and bright lights.

Cinemizer-Image-2The materials used to make the eyeshield are soft and flexible so that it comfortably moulds to the users face, for an almost entirely light free seal. The eyeshield weighs just 13g, which is a barely noticeable weight gain. The eyeshield is compatible with the cinemizer OLED, and the previous model, the cinemizer plus.

Franz Troppenhagen, Product Manager for cinemizer said. “Some uses of the cinemizer OLED will greatly benefit from the eyeshield, as it will exclude distraction and bright lights from spoiling the viewing experience. This is important in cinematography, where the cinemizer is used as a remote viewfinder, in FPV flying, where being dazzled by sunlight even for a second can end in disaster, and in gaming where immersion greatly improves the feeling of being there.”

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