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MBRU Signs Agreement With Moorfields Eye Hospital

Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences signs affiliation agreement with Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to provide ophthalmology curriculum

The Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health
Sciences (MBRU) has come together with the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai (MEHD) to offer instruction and training around the speciality of ophthalmology at MBRU, which is a part of the core curriculum of undergraduate students at the College of Medicine, as well as offer medical students clinical rotation at MEHD.

An affiliation agreement ratifying this collaboration was signed by Dr Amer Sharif of MBRU, and David Probert and Elhadi Hassan of Moorfields Eye Hospitals in London and Dubai, on 21 Jan at the MBRU campus in Dubai Healthcare City. Within this partnership, MEHD will organize and deliver teaching activities related to the field of ophthalmology for undergraduate medical students. MEHD will also chart out an annual educational plan covering the subject of ophthalmology and provide students with educational material on the subject and will oversee the entire program.

The clinical rotation offered by MEHD will allow MBRU students to observe ophthalmological specialists in action from close quarters enhancing the students’ educational experience while at the same time amplifying practical exposure. This agreement reaffirms MBRU’s vision and commitment to providing its students with a unique educational experience, impart sound theoretical and practical knowledge, and also multiply real-time exposure to contemporary healthcare practices and environments in order to create healthcare professionals and leaders of tomorrow.

Moorfields MBRU

“This partnership between MBRU and MEHD is a step towards realizing our goal to advance health through integrating academia, scientific research and clinical practice which broadens our medical students’ educational experience. This allows our students to benefit from the vast expertise and knowledge that our colleagues at MEHD have developed over the years. Our students will get a unique opportunity to witness how ophthalmologists operate on the ground and this exposure will be an invaluable addition to their development as healthcare professionals. Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai was, in fact, one of the first healthcare institutes to collaborate with MBRU, to which we will always be thankful. We’re proud to add Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai to our network of affiliates, this partnership is an illustration of our values of connectivity and excellence and it reaffirms our vision to become a global hub for innovative and integrated healthcare education and research,” said Dr Amer Sharif, Vice-Chancellor, MBRU.

“This partnership is mutually beneficial for both MBRU and MEHD, through the program we will provide training that will be instrumental as the students’ transition into the workforce, while simultaneously preparing the next generation of ophthalmologists, we plan to directly impact the strength of the field of ophthalmology in the region. We are eager to begin this partnership in our Dubai
branch and hope that we can replicate it and offer this type of support to more universities across the region and globally”, said David Probert, Chief Executive, Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – London.

“Our curriculum was developed by our team of experts, who have several years of experience in the field. The goal of the program is to allow the students to cultivate and refine their knowledge through real-world experience. While working beside our world-renowned ophthalmologists, we hope that the students can use the skills they
learn to prepare for their future careers in the field” said Elhadi Hassan, Managing Director of Moorfields Eye Hospital Dubai.

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