What India Wants? Sagar Doshi’s Response

Sagar Doshi of Stepper Eyewear India LLP seemed thrilled during Optic India 2020. Here’s what he thought were the best bets for the year ahead

Colours that would rule 2020:
Material for 2020:
Shapes for 2020:

″Fashion eyewear can be so transient; what’s ‘in’ today will be ‘out’ tomorrow. The dilemma is; whilst most of us want to look relevant, wearing eyewear that is fresh, we also want to choose a style that has longevity. When investing in quality Stepper believes a balance of good aesthetics, wearability and durability need to be in balance.

‘Eyewear Fashion that Fits’ has always been the brand’s mantra, and now with material technology advances Stepper frames can deliver an exceptional usable life. Undeniably, the SI-60194 looks great. And more than this, it looks 100% on-trend. The aviator style has re-established itself as a design those ‘who know about fashion’ are wearing. Its popularity is enhanced by the classic style’s ability to suit so many. This Stepper interpretation adds wearability to its appeal.

Once on, the SI-60194’s fit and comfort are impressive. All Stepper design is overseen by a German Master Optician, so the anatomical requirements are given priority over styling. So is adjustability, to ensure final fit, can be optimised. Add to this the intrinsic benefit of super-lightweight Titanium construction and the result is a frame that weighs just 8g. To ensure longevity, the Titanium material’s durability is well documented but specific to Stepper Titanium frames is the welding process. Here welding is conducted under an inert gas atmosphere avoiding oxidising of the parts at the soldering spot and becoming brittle. In addition, a four-axis, computerised welding machine allows a laser beam to get a fine seam all around the joined parts. The result is good looks and comfort that will last. This contemporary classic comes in three enduring colours: all Matt Black Blue gold and Gunmetal“

– Sagar Doshi

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